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SEO Starter Tips from SEO Social Geek!

SEO Starter Tips SEO Search Engine Optimisation Search Engine Optimisation To understand the concept of Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) more clearly, you must have a better idea about what a search engine is and why we need Search Engine Optimisation? You have to develop a general concept in your mind that a search engine is accessible online that helps us to find relevant websites related to our queries. Search engines show an organized set of results from its data collection, what can be effectively triggered by performing a good SEO of a website. The outcomes are generally the links of the relevant websites that help us to solve our search queries. Many online search engines are available like Google Search, Bing, etc. The functioning and reasoning of the search engine and search engine optimisation , is different from each other, but their rudiments remain the same. The essentials comprises three concepts which are crawling, indexing, and creating results. These are the common